Law Firm Web Design

For attorneys and law firms who have undertaken the challenge of creating a website for their business or revamping an existing one, it is imperative to make the right decision when hiring a web design company. White Media will work with your law firm to develop and maintain a website that will become your most effective marketing tool.

Attorney Niche Marketing

White Media has a clear and complete understanding of what it takes to create successful websites for legal professionals. Our services are designed to target your specific attorney niche in order to attract prospective clients who are looking for a specific type of attorney or law firm.

Website Design

The internet is rapidly growing as a virtual marketplace. In order to keep up with competition, it is crucial that your business website gives a positive first impression. Visitors to your website will either be immediately drawn to or immediately turned off by your website’s aesthetic appeal. Our designers know the importance of first impressions and visual appeal. With hundreds of custom website designs on our resume’, the designers at White Media are confident that they can create a design that incorporates the look and feel that you want to convey to potential clients.

Logo Design

Branding is the process of turning your business and services into a household name by establishing a unique presence that makes you stand out from your competitors. The custom designs of White Media have a long standing reputation of effectively summarizing a firm’s business philosophy while clearly identifying areas of expertise into their customized logo and brand creation services.

Content Writing

After the website design captures one’s attention, the prospective client will read the content to decide whether or not your company can possibly fulfill his or her individual legal needs. White Media understands that your website content must be written in a way that provides an informative and impressionable website. We conduct extensive research in order to provide clear, concise information about your firm’s services and to properly display the company image that you are seeking to convey.

Search Engine Optimization

At White Media, effective content is developed through a process called Search Engine Optimization, the development of a most favorable website for both your site visitors and search engines. The SEO Specialist strategically plans what content to write and exactly where to put it within the website so that it is fully accessible to your target audience. Utilizing this process will help your company to increase the amount of traffic to your website by improving its ranking in search engine results.

Internet Marketing

White Media provides various additional forms of Internet marketing such as blogs, newsletters, and video production, all of which are utilized in a way that brings more attention to your website.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a professional quality, high end website is just as important as the initial design and development. With the reputation of attorneys constantly at stake, law firms need to maintain their professional image to the public. That’s why the designers at White Media know the importance of providing our clients with continual, efficient service and quality designs that reflect both you and your firm. 

Click to Call

White Media surpasses all the competition when it comes to providing outstanding and prompt customer service. We understand the value of your time, both personal and professional. Our easy Click to Call button directly connects you, by telephone, to a White Media representative.

Website & E-mail Hosting

White Media offers website & e-mail hosting that foster easy and effective website and e-mail management. Contact us to find out what features are available for your website.