Even though it takes nearly ten years to obtain a law degree, visitors to a law firm’s website statistically only spend seven seconds browsing the credentials and areas of specialized practice of the firm’s licensed attorneys. Making a website stand out has never been more challenging than in today’s highly competitive – and sometimes over saturated – online marketplace. Due to the large number of websites that are returned each time a visitor inputs a query into one of the major search engines, their eyes tend to settle on the first few that display on the page. Page rank is key to attracting clients to a website and a professionally designed website that pays attention to keyword density as well as aesthetic appeal is key to scoring a high page rank.

We, at White Media, understand the importance of getting and retaining the interest of potential clients by drawing them in the first time they log on to the website. Our attention to detail regarding strategic placement and compelling graphic design coupled with quality content is what has earned White Media recognition as the industry leader in custom law firm designs for six years running.